The South Sudan Global Partnership Summit is designed to convene thought leaders, industry experts, investors, and decision-makers across sectors to unlock opportunities in South Sudan’s vibrant and emerging economy. We believe that through partnership and collaboration, we can help to catalyse growth and sustainable development in South Sudan.

EnergySouth Sudan is home to rich oil reserves, offering an attractive landscape for energy investments. This sector not only presents immediate opportunities, but also holds the potential for exploration in renewable energy, a frontier yet to be fully exploited and could provide power to the many off-grid areas in the country.

Agriculture and Food Production: Agriculture is the backbone of South Sudan, with fertile land and favourable climatic conditions that promise high yield for both food and cash crops. The sector holds promise for mechanisation, use of improved seed varieties, and modern farming practices to increase production and foster food security.

Infrastructure Development: The need for robust infrastructure – roads, bridges, ports, and airports – is evident in South Sudan. Infrastructure development is a crucial enabler of economic growth, and presents vast opportunities for construction, logistics, and transportation companies.

HealthcareInvestment in healthcare can play a significant role in improving the quality of life and workforce productivity in South Sudan. Opportunities abound in establishing and improving healthcare facilities, training healthcare personnel, and investing in health technologies.

Education and Training: Education is the cornerstone for any developing nation. In South Sudan, there's a need to enhance access to quality education and vocational training. Investors can leverage this need by creating institutions, programs, and partnerships that aim to equip the South Sudanese population with essential skills for the 21st century.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT): ICT is a key driver of economic development. As South Sudan continues to integrate with the global economy, there's a significant opportunity to invest in the ICT infrastructure, digital services, and e-commerce.

Finance and Investment: South Sudan’s burgeoning market provides lucrative opportunities for financial institutions, investment firms, and impact investors. The creation of financial services infrastructure can greatly enhance economic activity and enable other sectors to thrive.

ManufacturingOpportunities in the manufacturing sector range from consumer goods to industrial equipment. As South Sudan seeks to diversify its economy, opportunities exist for local production and supply partnerships.

Mining: South Sudan is endowed with a wealth of untapped mineral resources, providing mining companies with opportunities for exploration and extraction.

Tourism and Hospitality: With its unique cultural heritage and natural beauty, South Sudan has the potential to develop its tourism sector. The growth of tourism could offer vast opportunities for hospitality businesses.

Water and SanitationAddressing water and sanitation needs is key to improving public health in South Sudan. This presents opportunities for businesses in water supply, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) solutions.

Environmental Services and Sustainable DevelopmentAs South Sudan develops, there’s a growing need for services and policies that ensure sustainable use of natural resources and protect the environment.

Non-Profit and International DevelopmentNGOs and international development agencies play a key role in South Sudan, offering expertise, funding, and on-the-ground support. There are numerous opportunities for collaboration and partnership within this sector.

The South Sudan: A Global Partnership Summit represents an exciting step towards unlocking these opportunities, as we bring together diverse stakeholders and share a common vision of a prosperous, sustainable South Sudan. We look forward to your valuable participation.